Injection Tracker & Reminder

Track your injections right from your iPhone and iWatch!

Quick and easy setup.

Injection Tracker & Reminder allows quick configuration of multiple medications and multiple schedules. Easy and convenient way to stay on track with your medication and perform injections exactly when and where needed.

Designed for patient with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Injection Tracker & Reminder was originally designed to help patients with Multiple Sclerosis with their injection needs, and injection site rotations. After a while, it was adapted to accommodate all other patients with different diseases to ease up their lives, while being on injections. Injection Tracker & Reminder will send multiple reminders for upcoming injection, will keep track and history of all your past injections, will keep track of your current medication supply, and even will allow you quick and easy option to call your pharmacy right from the app. As a huge benefit - we do listen to our users, and change and add functionality, based on your requests!

Color themes and alerts are customizable

If you don't like your default colors - you can change it to more than 100 other color themes! Many alerts as well.

Injection Tracker & Reminder keeps track of your supply.

When you are running low on supply - use the built in functionality, call your pharmacy and auto update your supply amount.

Get notifications on your iPhone / iPad or iWatch.

When its a time for your injection, app will send you notification to your iPhone iWatch or iPad!

No registration required.

We are not collecting your information so you can be sure that we can't share with others something that we don't have!

Video overview on YouTube.

Check out the video overview of the app on YouTube. You can see most of the functionality there.

Download Injection Tracker & Reminder

At this point of time, Injection Tracker & Reminder is available for download only from the Apple iTunes Store on your device.