Amperes Lite - battery charging

Measure charging rates of your device. Compare chargers.


Amperes Lite - battery charging can measure the charging rates of your device's battery. Using this free app you can compare different chargers and wires, wireless chargers, power banks, and virtually any types of power sources.

Amperes Lite - battery charging calculates your charging scores based on many factors and formulas and gives you precise charging score.

Reference table

Once you will get your score, you will be able to check it with our reference table to see if your charging source performing according to the specifications or not.

You can view and compare results from up to 5 last tests. This will allow you an easy way to select best chargers and wires for your device.

Please read the instructions

It is a best place to start - read the help section. That will teach you everything you need to know before starting your first tests. Please make sure to follow the instructions in order to get optimal results.

Choose the best charger for your device

You can see which charger and charging wire is actually the best for charging your device. Compare chargers, wires, wireless chargers or a combination of those. You will get surprised, how big a difference can one bad wire make.