Available on iOS only

Amperes - battery charge info

Amperes - battery charge info is a mobile app for iOS devices, that can measure the amperes and watts of a device's battery charge. It can be used to compare chargers, charging wires, wireless chargers, power banks, and anything else, that can supply power to your device. The app logs the history of all measurements, and allows different profiles and configurations. Data can be exported.
Available on iOS only

Ampere Battery Charging Check

Ampere Battery Charging Check is a simple tool to perform occasional checks of the charging rate of your device. In addition to the charge measurements, it can show an estimated remaining running time for the device for standard activities like web browsing, phone calls, etc. Furthermore, it can measure any custom app or activity for battery consumption, which can also be added to a reference table, where it will show it's remaining run time as well.
Available on iOS only

Amperes Lite

Amperes Lite is a free app that can measure and compare the charging rates of chargers. It supports virtually any charging source, but the app's history function will only show 5 most recent charges. Amperes Lite can also monitor the current device's battery charge and sound an alarm when a desired level is reached.
Available on iOS only

Injection Tracker & Reminder

Injection Schedule Assistant app allows users to keep track of all upcoming medical injections. If an injection was missed, the app will keep sending reminders, to make sure that the injection was performed! The app provides medication quantity tracking and allows injections in optimized rotation zones. App will log the history of all injection administrations.
Available on iOS only

Location notes for Fallout

Location notes for Fallout is a free app for all players of Bethesda Fallout games. Fallout Location Notes allows you to store any notes about your adventures and retrieve them back when needed. A quick search function will scan all your notes and special Points of Interest and will show you those locations! Allows for quick and effective searching of terminals, locations with traders, safes, power armor and boss monsters.
Available on iOS and Android

Match Sounds: Audio Puzzle

Match Sounds: Audio Puzzle is a fun educational game, that is recommended by musical teachers. It develops musical and visual memory, and tonal hearing. In this game you have to remember and match unique sounds that are spread out across a board.